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Welcome to California Jade Book. You have most likely arrived here because you are seeking information about Jade in California. Yes! There is high quality Jade to be found in California. The best way to learn about California Jade is to read Don Dupras' book "California Jade: The Geologic Story of Nature's Masterpiece." This fine, clearly-written publication explains the geology and chemistry of Jade's formation, and features many color photos and a large pull-out reference map in the rear pouch. The map displays California Jade-related geology as well as actual Jade deposit localities. This book is an excellent resource for those interested in Jade and an essential reference for hunting California Jade.

Paperback. 60pp. Color. Printed in large format 8 1/2 x 11 on high quality glossy paper. With 24 x 30 inch reference map. $29.95 plus $4.95 shipping ($34.90 total), in the continental USA. For alternate payment method or shipping to outside the USA, please contact me by e-mail:

California Jade Book

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